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Chairman’s Message

Dr.Sandip Kumar Jha

Dr. Sandip Kumar Jha

Sandip Foundation was established in 2005 with a vision of creating an education system from which the leaders of tomorrow emerge. Since our inception we have been aware of our strengths, motives and goals which we have set out to achieve.

When we embarked on this journey, all we had was a dream and the tools of foresight and strategy. We combined these forces to pave a path of growth towards excellence and merit.

Today it is our endeavour to be the most competitive institution in the country with emphasis on efficiency in everyday operations, reliability for students and thrust on discovery and development of new technologies.

We are an organisation that combines the latest developments in the field of education with our scientific and operational skills to create an environment which nurtures and encourages the aspirations of students. It is our aim that the combination of these factors along with the state of the art infrastructure and a dedicated teaching staff will provide an impetus to the Indian educational system as a whole.

Our first campus is set up at Nashik, Maharashtra where the college building is spread across a 200 acre area. Keeping pace with the times, the campus is Wi-Fi enabled. To ensure the complete educational experience, laboratories with the latest tools and machinery are provided along with a comprehensive library with RFID technology, a computer centre with complete internet connectivity a wholesome cafeteria, all set up in a green environment to give our students the most healthy and pleasant experience as they embark and pursue their professional goals.

What does an International quality Education system consist of? That is the question we asked ourselves when we set out to build this Foundation. India as a country has no problem with unemployment but there are institutions which churn out a large number of unemployable students. Should we consider ourselves an exception to this? The search for the answer has resulted in the faculty and staff to come up with innovative methods in teaching to construct new knowledge in the classroom. Our motto is to always give our students the best of what is happening in and around so that they are always at the cutting edge of academics the world over.

The cultural aspect has always been a strong-point of our College as it has an acknowledged role in moulding the personality, teaching soft-skills, developing leadership and management abilities and strengthening the EQ. Extra-curricular activities, participation in sports and other cultural activities has now become universal contributing to all-round formation which is much needed in the world today.

Finally we look to create an Alumnus for inspiration and support so that our students have wonderful role models to emulate. Our faculty and students remain focused on a quality of education that is not just a college degree but a way of life.

Dr. Sandip Kumar Jha
Chairman , Sandip Foundation.

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