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We are living in a world which is constantly changing at the speed of thought. We are breathing and living the phrase – ‘no two days are alike’. And at Sandip Foundation, the focus has always been on getting geared up today to tackle tomorrow and redefine it.

Sandip Foundation’s Sandip Institute of Technology and Research Center (SITRC) and Sandip Institute of Engineering and Management (SIEM) have been ranked as the best engineering colleges in India. This is due to the selfless service and highest level of commitment from each staff member to deliver a world of excellence, precision and quality for our students.

As India has entered into the era of knowledge economy where innovation and thinking outside the box takes the lead, Sandip Foundation has taken the note of it and hence it has engaged into brainstorming, designing and delivering research-led, cutting-edge engineering curriculum which directly fulfils not only the problems being faced by the industries today but for tomorrow also. This is the reason behind the involvement of industry heavyweights, corporate technocrats and leading researchers from all over the world converging at the top institute of India.

As we are preparing students for tomorrow, we have invested very substantially in making sure that we are bringing future technology, today. And that’s the reason our 200+ acres of ultra modern campus is completely WiFi enabled, well equipped laboratories, multi-cuisine cafeteria offers wholesome, nutritious and organic food, faculties with PhD, library with RFID technology, extremely modern, furnished and comfortable residence with common lounges to foster friendship, luxurious buses to make sure your commute is a breeze and lots more!

Be ready to explore. Be ready to become greater than you imagined.

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