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Management Courses

Management Courses

Course Offered - MBA

Sandip Foundation’s MBA is a ranked, respected and recognised program being offered at the top business school of the country. The MBA program has been ranked in the top 100 programs in India.

The two years full-time program is delivered at the state-of-the-art, ultra-modern business school situated in Nashik. A 200+ acres of lush green, eco-friendly campus boasting high speed WiFi, library with RFID technology and 50,000+ books, magazines, journals, cafeteria with wholesome and organic food, luxurious residences for boys and girls among other goodies.

Sandip Foundation’s MBA is different. It’s a class apart.

The curriculum is devised, designed and developed by the team of professors, content developers and instructional designers after a thorough consultation with industry heavy weights. The importance is being given on producing the graduates who will be able to take the challenges of tomorrow head-on and be able to not only manage but lead from the front.

Focus on developing leadership qualities has set the program apart. Countless guest lectures, industry interactions, internships, day-in-the-life series and business incubation are just some of the unique innovations of this program.

Sandip Foundation spends a lot of time networking with the recruiters all over India. This has resulted in the recruiters building a talent pipeline which ultimately helps our students. We have a track record of delivering 100% placement.

It’s your opportunity to be the change you wish to see in the world. Start with yourself.

Join India’s best business school to re-discover possibilities.

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