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Career & Scope of AI & Data Science Engineering

Career Scope of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Engineering

Artificial intelligence and data science engineering are some of the latest buzzwords that have taken the IT sector by storm. These technologies have completely revolutionised the way small and large businesses are run across industries. Even start-ups have benefited greatly from the use of AI and data science in their day-to-day operations. There are diverse […]

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B.Tech Computer Science

B.Tech Computer Science or BCA, Which is the Better Option

There are a series of technological advancements that we have witnessed in the last few decades. These changes are most prominent in the IT and computer engineering sector. If you consider B.Tech in Computer Science in terms of scope, there are a vast number of career options available to professionals holding this degree. A number […]

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Future of Cyber Security in the Digital World

What is the Future of Cyber Security in the Digital World?

The digital space has become a huge reality in our daily lives, professionally and socially. We depend on digital devices for work and social interactions, making a strong focus on cyber security the need of the hour. There are a variety of cyber security courses available today to help professionals train as per industry standards. […]

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demanding engineering field in future

Top 6 Most In-Demand Engineering Careers in the Future

The last few decades have borne witness to some of the most groundbreaking advancements in technology, creating an influx of career opportunities for engineers in diverse fields. Even though engineering is one of the oldest professions that has survived the ages, newer and better technological advancements have opened up avenues of career options that are […]

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