How to Choose the Right Engineering College? Top 7 Tips

Tips to Choose the Right Engineering College

A career in engineering can be quite challenging and cutting-edge, and so it is vital to choose the right engineering to pursue one of the best bachelors of engineering courses. Choosing the right engineering college can make or break your career as the education and training you receive as a student will decide which type of companies are willing to recruit you. Pursuing engineering from a recognised and leading engineering college will help you gain employment in leading companies, bettering your chance at a thriving career. So how do you decide which is the best college for you?

Here are top 7 tips to help you choose the right engineering college in 2021:

  1. Choose the Right Specialisation

The very first thing you need to decide which branch of engineering you wish to pursue based on your interests and aptitude. This is very important in choosing the right engineering college because some colleges may have an excellent review for a particular branch of engineering when compared to others. For example, a college may have an exceptional and reputed department of mechanical engineering when compared to another college which may have a higher overall reputation. However, it will be better for you to choose the college which has a more reputed department for the branch you wish to specialise in as this will add to the value of your education.

  1. Watch Out for Affiliations to Top Regulatory Bodies

Some of the best universities in India are recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC). This gives them an added advantage as they have to maintain a certain standard of education and training to be recognised by the UGC. The National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC) and the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) are also two very well recognised and stringent bodies of accreditation that evaluate the standard of education offered by a college and grade them accordingly. So it is a safe bet to seek admissions in colleges that are approved and accredited by the NBA and the NAAC.

  1. Conduct a Thorough Campus Tour

Your college’s campus is going to be your home and training ground for the duration of your educational journey. If you choose a college that is far from your hometown, compelling you to avail hostel facilities on campus, then it makes sense to ensure that the college’s campus is exceptional across all levels. Check out the facilities offered to students including amphitheatre, playgrounds, canteens, recreational facilities, hostels, and student safety. A college that offers these amenities is definitely a great place for you to pursue engineering.

  1. Look Out for International Tie-Ups

Colleges that actually want to contribute to their students’ overall development will have tie-ups with international universities and institutions to facilitate advanced student training. Programs such as student and faculty exchange, participation in international competitions, and international internships go a long way in helping you stand out among your competition in the job market. So watch out for colleges that regularly help students avail international opportunities to help them prepare for a global career in engineering.

  1. Check Rankings & Awards Held by the College

There are many prestigious institutes that conduct comprehensive surveys on colleges every year, and rank them based on the quality of education and training they provide to students. Look for such rankings and awards held by the engineering college you shortlist before seeking engineering admissions in 2021. This information is generally available on the college’s website so it should not be hard for you to find the same. Look for colleges that hold awards relevant to the field of engineering you wish to study.

  1. Study Their Student Support System

A college becomes an ecosystem where students study, train, and develop their professional and personal skills. A college’s student support system can make or break your academic aspirations. These systems help students find the right help and support regarding academics, fee payment, placement training, and mentorship. Hence, it is very important that a college has a thriving student support system in place to assist students throughout their academic journey.

  1. Check Annual Placement Record

The goal of pursuing any degree is to ultimately find desirable employment and boost one’s career in the industry. So make sure that the college you enrol for has a good placement record. Check their website, look out for their list of top recruitment partners, and go through their placement record for the previous academic year. You must also check the kind of salary packages students from a particular college are able to attract to make the final decision regarding seeking engineering admission.


There are many engineering colleges in India, but a degree from one of the best engineering colleges will make a world of difference to your career prospects. Many top engineering colleges offer value-addition and global certification programs at zero cost to students to help them enhance skills beyond the curriculum. This helps with job prospects as it helps you stand out in the industry, leading to a bright and global career ahead. Good luck!