5 Benefits of Pursuing Polytechnic Diploma after 10th in 2021

5 Benefits of Pursuing Polytechnic Diploma after 10th

Polytechnic is basically an educational institution that offers hands-on practical education and training in technical fields such as engineering, computer sciences, and applied sciences. These institutions offer Diploma programs to candidates after completing class 10 exams, providing them with the knowledge and training required to pursue a career in various fields of engineering. Polytechnic diplomas are considered to be some of the best diploma courses as they offer hands-on industry-relevant skills to candidates when compared to other diploma courses.

So if you are considering pursuing a polytechnic diploma after class 10 then here are the top 5 reasons why you should go ahead with this choice.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Polytechnic Diploma Course after 10th in 2021

1. A Valuable Qualification

A polytechnic diploma is a bold educational choice as it is a widely recognised qualification and can pave the way for higher studies as well as a career in engineering, depending on your preference. This qualification can be obtained within three years and offers immense practical exposure to candidates, enhancing their skills, which helps them gain desirable jobs in the industry. A number of government and private institutions are currently accepting polytechnic admissions so you can enrol for the diploma program that best suits your career goals.

2. Better Scope for Higher Education

A polytechnic diploma can pave the way for a more enhanced higher education. You can gain direct second year lateral admission into B.Tech programs in reputed engineering colleges across India based on your merit score. Besides this you can also apply for the AIME Certification Program offered by the Associate Member of the Institutions of Engineers after completing a polytechnic diploma program. This certification program is generally completed in four years. However, polytechnic diploma holders are exempted from appearing for a few exams, enabling them to obtain the AIME certification within three years.

3. Varied Career Options

If you are eager to launch your career in engineering, then you can do so after completing a polytechnic diploma. Many public and private sector companies actively employ candidates holding a polytechnic diploma as these candidates are known to have relevant hands-on skills and industry-relevant knowledge to excel at their job. With this diploma you can be employed in various industries including aviation, automobiles, construction, electrical power, railways, defence, and the public works department.

4. Better Return on Investment

Fees for polytechnic diploma programs are quite reasonable when compared to fees for B.Tech or B.E. programs. This helps candidates with financial issues to pursue their passion for engineering by pursuing a recognised program and launching a successful career. After completing this program, students can be placed in leading public and a private sector company, which helps them gain a better return on investment in terms of salary earned compared to fees paid.

5. An Added Advantage in the Job Market

Since polytechnic diplomas focus on application-based teaching and training, there is more scope in the job market for such candidates. Most companies prefer candidates with a background in engineering to have the required skills and training. Professionals holding a polytechnic diploma along with an undergraduate degree have better chances of bagging lucrative jobs as they have the skills and knowledge to become valuable assets to companies in various industries.


Polytechnic diplomas offer a range of specialisations that you can choose from based on your interests and career goals. Some of the best diploma colleges in Nashik offer cutting-edge polytechnic diplomas as they have specialised training labs equipped with the latest tools and equipment for an industry-synced education. So if you have completed class 10 and want to make a career in engineering then a polytechnic diploma is your best option for a futuristic career.