Advantages of Pursuing MBA After B.Tech

Advantages of Pursuing MBA After Engineering

Your qualifications and skills are your passport towards a thriving global career. Hence, and MBA degree can really take you places. If you are a young graduate from a commerce background, an MBA seems like the next logical step. But what if you belong to a technical background like engineering? Fear not, as pursuing an MBA after a B.Tech degree is one of the best decisions you can make in your career. There are numerous reasons as to why an MBA degree adds to the value of your resume in the eyes of a recruiter.

Here are 7 advantages of pursuing an MBA after a B.Tech degree:

  1. More Lucrative Career Opportunities

An MBA after a B.Tech degree can help you earn a much bigger annual salary package than most other qualifications. Even in general MBA graduates have a high pay scale, which is why an MBA degree is so coveted across the globe. MBA graduates learn many hands-on skills and receive advanced industry training which helps them become assets to various industries, leading to a bigger pay cheque. Top MBA colleges in Nashik partner with top companies in India to provide students with the right foundation for their career.

  1. Diverse Career Options

The subjects students are taught at an undergraduate level are limited when compared to that of an MBA degree. No matter which specialisation you may opt for, an MBA degree can really help you receive multiple job opportunities in various industries. A specialisation in finance can open up doors of banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions for you. Similarly, a background in HR management can help you gain a brilliant job in leading corporations across the world.

  1. Best of Both Worlds

A B.Tech degree clubbed with an MBA can really give you diverse career options as it brings you the best of both worlds. You have a background in technology and engineering through your B.Tech degree, and you gain managerial techniques, administrative skills, and advanced people skills through your MBA qualification. This combination is highly valuable as more and more companies are looking for candidates with diverse skills from a multifaceted background.

  1. Globally Recognised Qualifications

A B.Tech degree paired with an MBA degree is highly recognised on the global front. A B.Tech degree alone may not be able to attract the kind of job opportunities you are seeking, but add an MBA degree to your resume and diverse jobs from multiple industries will be open to you. If you want to chart a global career that takes you places, then an MBA degree after a B.Tech degree can help you realise your dreams.

  1. Flexible Study Opportunities

Often candidates applying for MBA programs do so while holding full-time jobs. MBA colleges are well-versed with the needs of candidates who want to pursue the degree without giving up their jobs, and so they make sure that the program is flexible enough to accommodate such students. The advantage for students here is that they have the option of holding jobs while pursuing a valuable postgraduate degree which will help them advance further in their career. Many MBA courses in Nashik are designed to accommodate the requirements of working candidates.

  1. Advanced Personality & Skill Development

The curriculum of an MBA program balances academic knowledge and hands-on skills. Candidates applying for this program have a huge scope of personality and skill development which will help them secure lucrative job opportunities in the future. MBA candidates have to design and present presentations, and participate in extracurricular activities such as quiz contests, inter-college competitions, and debate competitions which help develop their language skills and personality on a whole new level.

  1. Entrepreneurship Opportunities

If you are someone who has a brilliant idea for a start-up and wants to develop it further into a full-blown business, then an MBA degree can help you realise your dream. You can develop a cutting-edge start-up idea based on your B.Tech degree, and establish the idea into a successful business with the help of your MBA qualification as you will have the necessary administrative and managerial skills to develop a business. Furthermore, an MBA degree will also teach you to define a budget and work within its confines.


The bottom line is that you simply cannot go wrong with following up your B.Tech degree with an MBA degree. Some of the best MBA colleges in Nashik offer cutting-edge MBA programs with placement assistance guarantees with leading corporations across the globe. Their programs are designed to provide compulsory internships to help students gain adequate industry knowledge. So do a thorough research and pursue an MBA from one of the top MBA colleges in Nashik. Good luck!