Best Courses After 12th for PCM Students

Best Courses after 12th for PCM Students

For most students, choosing a good career opportunity after grade 12 can be a nerve-wracking challenge. Today, with thousands of specialized courses to choose from, deciding which career path to pursue and what is the key to a bright and prosperous future is more confusing than ever. If you are studying Natural Sciences with a combination of PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) subjects, there are many career opportunities in PCM. This is good news, but you need to know your options and learn how to steer your career in the right direction. This blog explores the best PCM career options to pursue after age 12 and helps you find the course that best fits your profile. Fortunately, there are many career options after 12th PCM. After choosing PCM in 12th, most students prefer to purse engineering. In addition to engineering, there are many other professions that students would consider after their 12th std engineering. It is very important to choose the right career after 12th std so that one can progress in that career itself.

Exploring Career Options After 12th Science PCM

With a PCM degree, a variety of career options are available, including engineering, architecture, industrial design, defense, forensics, data science and analytics, ethical hacking, pharmacy, and aeronautics, making PCM a good fit. Career opportunities abound after the 12th Science PCM. But what are the top jobs that are most in demand? Which ones promise lucrative salaries? To clarify all these questions, this segment discusses PCM career options and salaries. The entry criteria for the JEE exam is passing grade 12 in a combination of core subjects in physics, chemistry and mathematics and PCM. To be successful, it is important to choose best courses after 12th PCM.

Chemical Engineer

This role is related to dealing with lot of chemicals. They work in industries such as energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals etc. Chemical Engineers do research to be used as fuel, drugs, food, healthcare, and agricultural products. Chemical Engineering is a degree of four years and one needs to complete a BE in Chemical Engineering in order to become a chemical engineer.

Software Engineer

Creation of tools, applications and digital solutions. Software engineers create, test, and improve virtual solutions to meet business goals and write code to detect and fix errors. A software engineer typically completes her four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering before starting her career.

Data Scientist 

Explore data using numbers and algorithms to build models that predict, classify, and group data. It also helps data scientists examine unstructured and structured data to identify trends and make informed business decisions. To build a career as a data scientist, she needs to complete her four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers work with data scientists, analysts, data engineers, and administrators. Your main task is to develop an artificial intelligence system that automates predictive models. We also analyze and evaluate many datasets and build models.

To become a machine learning engineer, you need to complete her four-year degree in computer science or data science. Plus, our industry-recognized AI ML certification ensures you are ready for the job. This is a quality that is highly regarded among the industry’s top recruiters.


Your main task is to apply mathematical principles and theorems to various functions such as architecture, computer graphics and business processes. You can also develop theorems and contribute to the advancement of academic research in mathematics. If you want to pursue a career in mathematics, a PhD will improve your employability and future prospects.


Pharmacists develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals, research, manufacture, and monitor the quality of pharmaceuticals. You can also work as a pharmacy or professor. To become a pharmacist, you must complete a three-year pharmacy degree.

Aeronautical Engineer 

Aeronautical engineers are engaged in the research, design, and manufacture of airplanes, missiles, and spacecraft. They conduct research and development to improve commercial aviation, defense systems and space exploration. An aeronautical engineer must start her career with a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering for her four years.

Product Designer 

Product designers analyze trends, consumer demands, and design products that serve customers. They also monitor product quality. They usually complete her four-year bachelor’s degree in design before embarking on a career as a product designer.


As an architect, you design new buildings or completely expand or modify existing structures to ensure safety, functionality and economy. Architect careers are more diverse than you might think.

  • Landscaping
  • Building Architecture
  • Shipbuilding

However, the first step to becoming a licensed architect is earning a bachelor’s degree from a reputable university.

Environmental and Safety Specialist

Environmental and safety professionals work to protect the health and safety of the environment by setting and enforcing regulations. They analyze, identify and solve environmental problems that affect the environment and human health. Specializing in the environment, her EHS professionals typically work for themselves or government agencies at the local, state, or national level. A bachelor’s degree is required to start a career as an environmental and safety professional.


In conclusion, it can be said that the most profitable courses after 12th PCM include Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics, Statistics, Planning, Design, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Robotics. The best career options for PCM are Engineering, Architecture, Merchant Marine, Pilots and Bachelor of Science. Completing his 12th grade of the PCM Science Track opens him up to a variety of majors including Bachelor of Engineering, Design, Planning, Finance, Management, Economics, Creative Majors and Diploma Majors. A PCM student majors in Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) in Year 11 and her Year 12. Students who do not study biology cannot choose to study medicine or become a doctor. However, you can enroll in an open school and earn the degree you need to qualify f

or medical courses. Along with academic courses, there are also many professional courses for PCM students.