Best Futuristic Engineering Courses in India | Admissions 2022

Best Futuristic Engineering Courses in India

Engineering is a very futuristic field, and every year we see so many advancements in various fields of engineering. There are many engineering courses in India offered by top engineering colleges in Nashik that you can opt for, which can lead to a bright and successful career ahead. Today there are too many options to choose from, and making the right choice can be very confusing. Let’s take a look at some of the best engineering programs you can pursue for a global career.

Top Engineering Courses in Demand

  1. Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is one of the fastest growing engineering fields today. There are many sub-branches of this field, including Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Technology, and many others. If you want to pursue one of the best engineering courses after 12th then this is it. You will be able to work for diverse companies from different industries. There is a huge demand for professionals holding a computer engineering degree so you can easily gain global opportunities as well after completing this program.

  1. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers generally design, develop, test, and maintain tools and machines used in various industries like automobile and aerospace. There is a lot of scope for mechanical engineers today as they can be employed in a wide range of private sector companies including Siemens, Tata Motors, Boeing, TCS, JSW Steel, and even public sector companies like ONGC.  Make sure that the college you choose focuses on hands-on skill building and training.

  1. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is another booming sector for skilled professionals. With the advent of electric vehicles, there is a huge demand for qualified and competent electrical engineers in the automobile sector. Electrical engineers are responsible for studying, designing, and innovating on devices that utilise electricity to function. These professionals are hired by public and private sector companies like Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, Larsen & Toubro, Amazon, Tata Teleservices, and Nuclear Power Corporation of India.

  1. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

As you are aware, there is a new wave of progress in the telecommunication sector, leading to many companies demanding qualified electronics and telecommunication engineers. These professionals create state-of-the-art electric systems and telecommunication infrastructure that can process information within seconds. This is one of the best engineering courses for the future as the telecommunication industry is considered to be the new petroleum industry. Airtel, Jio, and VI are some of the leaders of the Indian telecommunication industry looking for professionals with this background.

  1. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the oldest and still very relevant branches of engineering. As the Indian government invests heavily in infrastructure, there is a huge demand for skilled professionals who can help build bridges, roads, flyovers, sea links, and other structures across the country. The advent of Smart Cities has highlighted the need for development in two and three tier cities. Even private housing and commercial spaces are on the rise, and these realty companies are always on the lookout for competent civil engineers.

  1. IT Engineering

IT engineers are responsible for creating, installing, and overseeing the computer systems set up within an organisation. These professionals are well-versed with networking systems; they can troubleshoot hardware and software issues, and also upgrade the organisation’s computer network as and when the need arises. IT engineers are employed by most businesses across industries as most of the work today is done through computers. They can find work in IT companies, banks, educational institutions, and the defence sector, to name a few.

  1. AI & Data Science Engineering

This is a multi-disciplinary branch of computer science and engineering. These professionals utilise mathematics and statistics to derive relevant knowledge from all kinds of data. This knowledge is then analysed to understand the current and future tidings of the industry and make appropriate business decisions. Professionals holding this degree are hired by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, SAP, Bosch, Apple, Philips, and many such leading global companies.

  1. Automation & Robotics Engineering

Automation and robotics engineering is one of the best engineering courses in Nashik that provides students with a balanced theoretical knowledge and hands-on training in the field. Professionals with this qualification design, test, create and maintain processes that use the principles of robotics and automation to automate repetitive or dangerous tasks. These tools are used in a wide range of industries such as medical, mining, aerospace, automobile, manufacturing, and even agriculture.


Engineering is a highly evolving field and a career in this field can really help you make the world a better place. There are some excellent engineering colleges located in Maharashtra, especially Nashik. Conduct some research and find a college that offers industry-relevant curriculums, lab-based skill building opportunities, and placement assistance for the right start to your career. Good luck!