Top 7 Career Opportunities after MBA in India

Career Opportunities after MBA

Masters of Business Administration or MBA is one of the most sought-after and globally recognised degrees today. Young graduates holding an MBA degree can get their foot into the doors of global businesses, and gradually work their way up to a managerial position within a few years. Some of the top MBA colleges in Nashik offer industry-oriented and skill-based MBA programs with innovative specialisations.

If you wish to pursue an MBA but are unsure about the kind of opportunities available, here are top 7 career opportunities after MBA in India to help you decide:

  1. Credit Risk Manager

A credit risk manager is generally employed by institutions that offer credit in the form of loans to customers. Credit risk managers are tasked with studying the risk involved in issuing a loan, and ensure that the financial institution is able to recover the loan in due time, without incurring any losses in the process. Banks and organisations financial services hire credit risk managers.

  1. Research Analyst

Research analysts are hired by businesses across multiple industries. They are tasked with conducting research, in-depth analysis, reviewing interpretations, and presenting relevant data in a manner that helps businesses gain accurate information. This information generally pertains to finance, economics, customer demands, and future market trends.

  1. Business Analyst

Business analysts are responsible for providing businesses with relevant analysis related to their processes and systems. They play an important role in helping businesses understand their internal functions, understand issues pertaining to the same, and maintain better relations with their customers. They are also tasked with finding apt solutions to these problems.

  1. Business Development Manager

A business development manager is responsible for finding innovative ideas regarding developing businesses. They are tasked with studying the market, suggesting changes within an organisation to propel marketing initiatives, watch out for viable growth opportunities, and proposition new customers to attract better profits while also retaining existing customers.

  1. Human Resource Manager

An MBA in Human Resource Management is one of the best management courses available today. Businesses understand the need for employee satisfaction, and the requirement for attracting top talent. This is why thriving businesses have a robust human resource department that drafts employee-friendly policies, building teams, enhancing employer brand, and help retain promising employees.

  1. Operations Manager

An operations manager is vital to different kinds of public and private sector organisations. These professionals are responsible for training employees, managing quality assurance, suggest improvements in the current processes of the business, and strategise future projects for business growth. Operations managers generally organise activities at different levels of an organisation.

  1. Marketing Manager

Most MBA colleges in Nashik offer marketing as a specialisation as more and more businesses recruit professionals with a background in marketing to maintain and promote their brand. A marketing manager is responsible for positioning a brand, safeguarding it, and overseeing promotional activities based on the brand requirements. They are also responsible for customer relations, and customer satisfaction.


If you want to pursue a management course in Nashik, then it is best to do so from one of the top 10 MBA colleges in Nashik. These colleges have the right infrastructure, faculty, and skill development programs to ensure successful careers for their students. They also offer many value addition and global certification programs to help students gain relevant technical and soft skills besides academic knowledge.

They also conduct workshops, guest lectures, industry visits, and offer compulsory internships to help students gain relevant industry experience. Campus placements are the norm for these colleges as they have top global companies as empanelled recruitment partners to ensure 100% placement assistance to students. MBA is a challenging degree and it is very important to choose the right college for the program to ensure a successful career. Good luck!