Future Scope and Career Options After Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Diploma in Electrical Engineering has diverse career options and scope for the future. You can opt for this program after completing class 10, and the duration of this program is generally three years. This is a skill-oriented program with additional focus on providing students with hands-on training in the field. The course curriculum of this program prepares students to enter the job market upon graduation. Some of the top electrical engineering colleges in Maharashtra offer this program to interested candidates.

Here are the career options and future scope open to you after completing a Diploma in Electrical Engineering:

1. Junior Electrical Engineer

Junior electrical engineers are tasked with inventing cutting-edge electrical products, overlooking repairs of electrical devices, operating electrical equipment and maintaining the same. These professionals are hired by companies manufacturing or dealing with electrical products or by construction companies that undertake electrical work in different kinds of construction projects. This is a good job opportunity with a lot of scope to grow and enhance your career in the future.

2. Aerospace Electrical Engineer

Professionals holding a Diploma in Electrical Engineering can find work in the aerospace industry. In this industry, they will be responsible for innovating on virtual connectors, computer systems, networking and steering systems, and radar equipment. This is a serious job as the aerospace industry is complex by nature. An aerospace electrical engineer is expected to be extremely professional and skilled in the field. The job comes with a decent salary package and there is scope to rise up the ranks with time.

3. Freelance Electrician

You can choose to freelance as an electrician with this qualification. You can work with different clients to install, repair and maintain electrical equipment in residential or commercial spaces. This is a good career opportunity as it requires hands-on skills and knowledge about various electrical devices. You can make a good earning by expanding your venture by recruiting more professionals to work with you. In this way, you will be able to take up larger projects and make more money in the process. You will need to have decent communication and people skills when working as a freelance electrician.

4. Quality Assurance Officer

Quality assurance officers are in huge demand in the electrical engineering field. These professionals are extremely necessary in electrical engineering as malfunctioning electrical equipment and products can lead to serious injury or loss of life. Quality assurance engineers are responsible for running tests and checks to detect faulty equipment. They are involved in the designing, developing and testing stage of electrical products. This is a great career choice for professionals holding an electrical engineering qualification from one of the best colleges for electrical engineering in Nashik.

5. Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship means that you can continue to pursue qualifications and training in electrical engineering under the purview of leading companies. These companies recruit professionals holding Diploma qualifications and then train them on the job. This can be a great way to make some money while also continuing your studies in the field. The advantage of an apprenticeship is that you gain industry-oriented skills and training while working with leading electrical engineers in global companies.

6. Higher Education

You can also pursue higher education in electrical engineering after gaining a Diploma in the field. Undergraduate courses like B.E. Electrical Engineering and B.Tech Electrical Engineering followed by postgraduate programs like M.E. Electrical Engineering and M.Tech Electrical Engineering can help you elevate your profile and opportunities by a large margin. Such programs can help you gain better career scope after electrical engineering at the very start of your career with a good salary package.


Electrical engineering is one of the most popular branches of electrical engineering with tremendous scope. You can decide whether you want to join the job market after obtaining a Diploma in Electrical Engineering or continue with your education to further upgrade your skills and knowledge in the field. Either way, you can have a bright career in the field. Look for colleges that have focused skill development and training opportunities. This will help you stand out of the crowd in the job market. Good luck!