How do I Become a Good Electrical Engineer?

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a vast and thriving field with many opportunities. The world today is dependent on electrical devices like mobile phones, computers, entertainment systems, kitchen appliances and more. Hence, we need qualified and skilled professionals to drive innovations in the field. There are some specific steps you have to take to become a successful electrical engineer. Top Electrical Engineering colleges in Maharashtra offer cutting-edge electrical engineering programs that you can choose from. If you are serious about becoming an electrical engineer, here is how you can accomplish that.

Steps to Take to Become a Good Electrical Engineer

Step 1: Pursue the Right Program

Today, there are a lot of undergraduate and postgraduate programs available to interested students. You can start with a Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical Engineering after class 10, go on to pursue Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, followed by Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering. These programs will help you gain the right exposure, knowledge and skills in the field. You can pick the program that aligns with your career goals and financial capacity. A Polytechnic Diploma is a comprehensive three-year program that can help you launch a successful career in the field.

Step 2: Choose the Right College

Today, there are many amazing engineering colleges in India. You need to find the college that not only offers the program you wish to pursue, but also has the right credentials and approvals. Look for colleges that have affiliations to leading universities in India. This will ensure that you gain a globally recognised qualification and industry-relevant skills. Colleges that are approved by NAAC and NBA are known to uphold exceptional teaching and training standards. Opt a campus visit, check out the college’s infrastructure, and interact with students and faculty members before applying to a college.

Step 3: Opt for Certification Programs

Certification programs can go a long way in boosting your credentials and proving your potential to prospective employers. Look for colleges that offer value addition and global certification programs to students. These certifications can help you gain better skills to match industry expectations. You can also opt for courses that improve your language and communication skills. These days, top engineering companies expect fresh graduates to have excellent communication skills. Many electrical engineering courses in Nashik offer value addition and global certification programs to students.

Step 4: Focus on Skill & Personality Development

As engineering is a hands-on and practical field, it is important to develop your skills in the field. Make sure that the college you apply to has a dynamic infrastructure with subject-wise labs for enhanced training. You must participate in extracurricular activities and competitions to build your personality and other relevant skills like problem solving, leadership, team work, critical thinking, time management and sportsmanship.

Skills Needed to Become a Top Electrical Engineer

As mentioned earlier, electrical engineering is a skill-driven field. You will have to develop not just technical skills but also a range of soft skills to become a successful electrical engineer. These are some of the top skills you will need to ace in this field of engineering:

  1. Problem Solving: Electrical engineers are expected to solve complex problems on a regular basis as a part of their job. You will have to develop the habit of thinking out of the box to solve problems quickly and effectively.
  2. Time Management: Engineering is a fast-paced field and you will have to be extremely efficient to become successful. While time management is important for most fiends, it is extremely relevant to electrical engineers to beat competition in the latest innovations in the industry.
  3. Creativity and Innovation: Electrical engineering is a dynamic field with newer advancements made regularly. You will have to be innovative and creative to make a mark in the industry and stay ahead of the competition in the job market.
  4. Technical Knowledge: Make sure to opt for an electrical engineering program and college that focuses on technical skills and knowledge. You will have to know about the latest advancements in the field and have an in-depth understanding of electrical concepts to make it in this field.
  5. Project Management: At some point in your career you may have to manage a project. You will have to work on your management and leadership skills to efficiently work on the project, manage your team and drive positive results for the organisation.
  6. Mathematical Skills: Maths is an integral part of electrical engineering. You will have to know about relevant mathematical formulas and integrate maths as and when required in your line of work.

Top Job Opportunities in Electrical Engineering

There are many career opportunities open to talented and qualified electrical engineers in various fields. Here are some of the leading career opportunities open to electrical engineers in the field:

  1. Electrical Engineer
  2. Power Engineer
  3. Instrumentation Engineer
  4. Telecommunications Engineer
  5. Micro Electrical Engineer
  6. Aeronautical Engineer
  7. Equipment Engineer
  8. Electronics Engineer
  9. Hardware Engineer
  10. Biotech Consultant

Top Indian and Global Companies that Recruit Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers are required in various fields like manufacturing, aerospace industry, automobile industry, companies making electrical equipment and mainly electric power generating organisations. Here are the top Indian and global companies that actively recruit electrical engineers:

  1. Reliance Power
  2. Google
  3. Apple
  4. Samsung
  5. BMW Group
  6. The Boeing Company
  7. Shell Oil Company
  8. Tata Group
  9. Philips
  10. Schneider Electric

Electrical Engineering at Sandip Foundation

Sandip Foundation is one of the top electrical engineering colleges in Nashik. Institutions within Sandip Foundation are affiliated with Savitribai Phule Pune University, and accredited by NAAC and NBA.

Sandip Foundation’s Sandip Institute of Technology and Research Centre, Sandip Institute of Engineering and Management, and Sandip Polytechnic offer leading electrical engineering programs. You can pursue programs like Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical Engineering, and BE or ME in Electrical Engineering.

Sandip Foundation’s 250+ acre campus is a hub of futuristic education with cutting-edge infrastructure. Students are trained in high-tech labs and classrooms to help them become qualified and skilled professionals in the industry. If you are sure about pursuing a career in electrical engineering, Sandip Foundation could be the right institute for you.