How to Become a Pharmacist in India | Scope, Colleges & Opportunities

Pharmacy Career Scope & Opportunities

A pharmacist is a professional in the healthcare industry responsible for researching, composing, and delivering medication in the right dosage to patients. They have the skills and the training to understand the chemical composition of medicines, and the biological impact they would have on the human body. The job of a pharmacist is extremely critical, and there are many pharmacy courses available after 12th that science stream students can opt for.

Here is everything you need to know about how to become a pharmacist in India:

Top Courses

Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm)

If you are inclined towards entrepreneurship and want to run a drug store then a Diploma in Pharmacy is the right career choice for you. It is an undergraduate program that spans across 2 years and provides students with extensive knowledge in the field. Students who have achieved at least 50% aggregate marks in 10+2 exams in the science stream can apply for this program.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm)

If you wish to expand your career after D.Pharm then a Bachelor of Pharmacy is the right option for you. It is another undergraduate program that students opt for based on their career goals. This course is spread across four years and D. Pharmacy colleges in Nashik accept students from the science stream with at least 50% aggregate marks in 10+2 examinations for this program.

Masters in Pharmacy (M.Pharm)

A career after B.Pharm can be further enhanced if you pursue Masters in Pharmacy, the postgraduate program in pharmacy. This program is spread over two years and four semesters, providing students with adequate theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills to become employable professionals in the industry. Students with a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy with 50% aggregate marks are preferred for this program.

PhD in Pharmaceutical Science

If your goal is to attract opportunities in the research and development department of leading private and public pharmaceutical companies, then a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science is the right way forward. Candidates who have completed a Masters in Pharmacy are accepted by some of the best pharmacy colleges in Nashik. There are ample career opportunities in pharmacy for PhD candidates from reputed pharmacy colleges in India.

Colleges Offering Pharmacy Courses

Some of the best pharmacy colleges in Nashik offer comprehensive undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs. Candidates can opt for popular or college-specific entrance exams to enhance their chances at a merit scholarship. These colleges have some of the best lab facilities and high-tech teaching facilities to ensure overall student development.

Career Scope & Opportunities

There are many career opportunities available for professionals holding a pharmaceutical science Diploma or degree from one of the top pharmacy colleges in Nashik. Professionals can be recruited as Clinical Research Associates, Pharmacologist, Regulatory Affairs Officer, Toxicologist, Product Development Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Lecturer, and Science Writer, to name a few prominent professions.

Qualified professionals can work in public and private hospitals or healthcare centres, research centres, independent pharmacies, private medical practices, and leading universities. Professionals starting their career in this industry with a Diploma in Pharmacy receive an average salary of 2 lakhs per annum, which increases based on skill, experience, and additional qualifications.


The pharmaceutical industry is highly advanced, and in recent years has seen massive growth due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a growing need for well-qualified and trained professionals in the industry to ensure public health and safety. So if you are considering a career in pharmacy then this is the right time to jump in, as the scope for professionals in this industry is set to amplify in coming years. Good luck!