Top 6 Emerging Trends in Information Technology 2021

Emerging IT Trends in 2021

The tech industry has grown tremendously in the 21st century, with enormous leaps and bounds in various sectors. The IT sector has also seen massive development over the last few decades, and the year 2021 has witnessed the emergence of an array of trending technologies in the sector. However, there are some trends in information technology that have made waves in this year, and hold tremendous growth potential in coming years.

Here are the top 6 emerging trends in information technology that stand out in 2021:

  1. Customer Data Platforms

Every year businesses from various industries lose huge sums of valuable funds because of bad or fragmented data. There is an imminent need for a system in place that can sort data in a well-structured manner. Customer data platforms help organise data from different sources in a streamlined manner to help businesses operate efficiently. This helps businesses save valuable funds, and can take important business and marketing decisions at the right time.

  1. Smart Work from Home Tech

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely revamped work settings, bringing about the need for smart work from home options that can help businesses retain valuable talent from the job market. Work from home is here to stay and businesses need to adapt to make their operations more employee-friendly. Tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and similar applications have made the transition from office to home very smooth. Designing such tech is going to be on the rise as more and more businesses are going to adopt a hybrid work model.

  1. Digital Twins

Digital twin is a tech that helps copy a person digitally. This is not to be confused with cloning, as digital twins merely present a real-time representation of a human being. This tech is currently making waves in the medical industry as a digital twin can help design customised medical procedures and medication specifically targeting each person’s individual needs. Digital twins could soon help eliminate the need for clinical trials of new drugs and vaccines on actual human beings, completely revolutionising the research and development department of the pharmaceutical sector.

  1. Robotic Process Automation (RAP)

Robotic process automation is one of the latest trends in the IT sector in 2021. Top IT engineering colleges in Nashik offer undergraduate engineering degrees with robotic process automation as a specialisation. Despite the name, there is very little actual robotic application in this tech. The whole idea is to automate tasks performed by human labour following a set pattern to enhance efficiency, avoid liability, and save time.

  1. Hybrid Cloud

A number of businesses are now shifting their data saving needs to hybrid cloud services because of the convenience it offers. Hybrid cloud offers businesses a flexible model in which they can decide the kind of cloud infrastructure they will require for their business needs. Privacy, compliance, and data growth are the main aims of the hybrid cloud model. The biggest challenge faced by cloud technology is security breach, and this is what cloud technology engineers need to focus on.

  1. Low-Code Technology

Low-code technology facilitates software development without the need for enhanced levels of knowledge or skills. Software development is an extremely taxing and skill-intensive task. However, low-code technology helps companies hire professionals with a basic level of coding skills for their business needs as this tech doesn’t need excessive coding skills. This technology will drive the next decade of tech development as there is a tremendous demand for faster and time-saving tech in the industry.


These are just six out of the many trends that are buzzing around in the IT industry. Currently, BE in Information Technology is one of the most in-demand undergraduate programs you can pursue to make a thriving and futuristic career as an engineer. This degree will help you make a global career that can take you places in the international arena. Good luck!