Top Career Options after B.Pharm and D.Pharm

Career Options After B.Pharm & D.Pharm

B.Pharm and D.Pharm are the most popular programs in pharmacy with excellent career options. Professionals holding these qualifications are in demand in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. B.Pharm colleges in Nashik offer an industry-synced curriculum with additional focus on skill development through lab work. The pharmaceutical industry is constantly looking for skilled professionals who can develop, test, and manufacture life-saving drugs. This is a futuristic industry with ample career scope with the right qualifications.

Let’s take a look at the top career opportunities available after B.Pharm and D.Pharm:

  1. Drug Inspector

Drug inspectors are recruited in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetic industry. These professionals are responsible for inspecting the premises, manufacturing facilities and storage facilities of Pharma companies, hospitals, healthcare centres, and cosmetic companies to make sure that drugs, medicines and cosmetic products are manufactured and stored as per government regulations. They also issue warnings to companies who do not follow regulations and have the power to shut down a facility based on such violations.

  1. Quality Control Officer

This is one of the top careers after D.Pharm that you can choose to pursue after completing the program. Quality control officers are also recruited by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry where they sample, analyse, and update the quality control measures followed by companies in these industries. They are also responsible for overseeing the manufacturing process to ensure that all factory equipment is operating optimally and to ensure that all safety protocols are followed to the letter.

  1. Pharmacist

A pharmacist is someone who helps patients avail medicines prescribed by their doctor. They also communicate the dosage and usage of the medicines prescribed, playing an important role in healthcare services. Pharmacists work in different settings like hospitals, healthcare centres, pathology labs, and private medical stores. A B.Pharmacy degree is one of the best qualifications for professionals who wish to work as pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Drug Technician

A drug technician is responsible for reading prescriptions, dispensing medicines, labelling medicines accurately, calculating the right quantity of medication required based on diverse factors, and maintaining accurate records of patients and prescriptions at a healthcare centre. These professionals are in high demand by hospitals, clinics and healthcare centres as they form a bridge between the patients and doctors when it comes to dispensing medicines and providing good patient care.

  1. Research Scientist

Research scientists in the pharmaceutical industry conduct extensive research on viruses and ailments to develop drugs that can combat these ailments. Pharmaceutical companies recruit research scientists with relevant qualifications from top pharmacy colleges in Nashik to work within their organisation. These professionals are responsible for developing newer and better medicines, drugs, vaccines and more. Research scientists across different pharmaceutical companies played a key role in developing the COVID-19 vaccines to save lives.

  1. Laboratory Scientist

A pharmacy lab scientist is someone who drives the discovery of drugs and medicines. They work in close tandem with research scientists. Once research scientists have identified viruses and diseases, laboratory scientists work with them to develop drugs and medicines that can help combat these diseases. These professionals conduct experiments and are involved in controlled studies of drugs, their benefits and side effects. Their main responsibility is to create new drugs that can be released into the market for consumption.

    1. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is one of the leading B.Pharm career options that you can choose from. Professionals holding B.Pharm or D.Pharm qualifications are eligible to run their own pharmacy and be their own boss. They can then fill out prescriptions, sell over-the-counter medications, and other medical equipment to people in need. Being an entrepreneur can be a risky venture so it is always best to conduct the necessary research and survey before opening a pharmacy of one’s own.


These are some of the leading career opportunities you can pursue after gaining the right qualifications in pharmaceutical science. Some of the best D.Pharmacy colleges in Nashik are recognised by the Pharmacy Council of India. This means that these colleges adhere to the strict guidelines laid down by the PCI when designing their curriculum and integrating lab work in the course. Pursuing a qualification from such colleges can help you gain the right footing in the industry as a professional. So make sure that you conduct some research and pursue these programs from such reputed colleges. Good luck!