What are the Future Prospects for an MBA in Human Resource Management?

Prospects After MBA in Human Resource Management

Master of Business Administration or MBA is one of the most popular and valued postgraduate degrees on the global front today. Pursuing this program gives students unique insights into how to become leaders, enhance practical and soft skills, and drive economic growth through viable business practices.

Many top management colleges in Maharashtra offer multiple specialisations in MBA such as Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, and Healthcare & Hospital Management, to name a few. Human resource management is one of the oldest and most vital specialisations available for an MBA degree. Let’s find out what an MBA in Human Resource Management entails, and the career opportunities available.

What is Human Resource Management?

Human resource management entails recruiting, training, appraising, and guiding employees within any given company. The HR department is responsible for recruiting bright talent as per the requirements of the company, and ensuring that their salary, benefits, training, and performance is in accordance with company policies.

The HR department is mainly involved in acquiring and managing talent within a company. They are also responsible for ensuring job satisfaction and company loyalty by proposing employee-friendly policies. The HR department oversees any issues that an employee may have with another employee or with management, and finds satisfactory solutions to such issues.

Career Opportunities in Human Resource Management

  1. Human Resource Generalist

This is an entry-level position offered to recent college graduates. Many MBA graduates from top management colleges in Maharashtra are recruited for this position by leading global companies. This job entails recruiting candidates, collecting and assessing relevant documents submitted by new recruits, conducting an induction program, and overseeing performance appraisal later in the employee’s journey within the company.

  1. Employee Relations Manager

An Employee Relations Manager is responsible for ensuring good relations between employees. They are involved in listening to employee grievances, suggest viable solutions to employee problems, and oversee talks between employee and management within the framework of the company’s policies. Professionals from top MBA colleges in Nashik are well-equipped to handle this role as they receive relevant skill-building opportunities when pursuing an MBA in Human Resource Management.

  1. Technical Recruiter

The main task of a Technical Recruiter is evaluating the technical skills needed for a particular job profile, and acquiring employees that possess such a skill set. This position is usually available in the IT sector, or similar skill-based sectors. Professionals holding a basic knowledge about software and possessing HR management skills are apt for this position. Many management colleges in Nashik offer value addition certification programs to help students enhance their technical and soft skills.

  1. Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Managers are responsible for overseeing the HR department. They are tasked with ensuring that employees are working as per company policies, address aggravated grievances and oversee person-to-person interaction to ensure employee satisfaction. Professionals with adequate experience in the HR field generally rise through the ranks and become human resource managers after adequate years of work experience in the field.

  1. Human Resource Consultant

A Human Resource Consultant can work with a number of clients that can be global companies. They are hired by companies for a limited period of time to give companies an outsider view of their HR processes, enhance employee motivation, regulate positive work culture, and suggest employee incentives for better performance. These consultants play an important role in shaking up backward employee policies and ensuring better employee satisfaction and retention within the company.


An MBA in Human Resource Management can open a series of career opportunities for you, based on your skills and aptitude. You can choose the kind of work you want to be involved with and plan your career path accordingly. If you have great people skills and can work in an interactive environment then an MBA in Human Resource Management from one of the best management colleges in Nashik can be the way forward for you. Good luck!