Why Pursue MBA Marketing from Sandip Foundation?

Pursue MBA Marketing from Sandip Foundation

For most professionals, an MBA degree can go a long way in advancing their career. An MBA in Marketing from Sandip Foundation is an extremely valuable degree. Sandip Foundation is committed towards delivering quality and globally-recognised education and training to students. Here, students gain exposure to global trends regarding management skills, various financial institutions, entrepreneurship avenues and business administration. An MBA degree from one of the best MBA colleges in Nashik can really help cement your leadership skills to help you gain professional success.

Here are the benefits of pursuing MBA in Marketing Management from Sandip Foundation:

1. Recognised Affiliations & Approvals

Sandip Foundation is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) and is approved by the All India Centre of Technical Education (AICTE). Sandip Foundation is accredited with Grade ‘A’ according to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a CGPA score of 3.11. Sandip Foundation is also accredited to the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). These accreditations and affiliations add value and global recognition to the MBA Marketing degree you receive from Sandip Foundation.

2. Industry Exposure

Students at Sandip Foundation receive ample industry exposure through diverse activities. Guest lectures, workshops, seminars, industry visits and field trips are integrated into the course curriculum to help students gain a well-rounded education. These activities help students gain an industry-oriented perspective, which helps them stand apart from their peers in the job market. Industry exposure also means that students already have a foot in the door of leading companies, making it easier for them to land a great job upon graduation.

3. Extensive Global Alumni Network

Sandip Foundation has an extensive global alumni network of thousands of students. If you choose to pursue MBA in Marketing Management from Sandip Foundation, you could become a part of our prestigious alumni network. We encourage students to interact with our alumni to facilitate mentorship and become a part of a global community through dedicated “Alumni Connect” sessions. This will help you develop a unique outlook on global markets and economies as a management student.

4. Internationally Recognised Certification Programs

Our MBA programs include additional internationally recognised certification programs into the course curriculum. Sandip Foundation’s Department of Management Studies offers a wide range of certification programs in Data Analytics. Data is rightly the future of global markets, and it is important for marketing professionals to understand how to collect, analyse and use data to glean valuable information. As a marketing professional, this information can help you draft groundbreaking branding and marketing strategies.

5. Better Earning Potential

Finding a lucrative job is the end goal of pursuing any master’s degree. Pursuing an MBA from one of the top marketing management colleges in Nashik like Sandip Foundation can really boost your chances of gaining a well-paying job. Sandip Foundation provides students with the right knowledge and training to make them stand out in the job market. The affiliation to Savitribai Phule Pune University brings an added weightage to the degree, increasing its value globally. All these factors go a long way in enhancing your earning potential after graduating from Sandip Foundation. Many of Sandip Foundation’s alumni hold top positions in companies like General Motors (USA), Wipro, Persistent, Cognizant, Bosch and Capgemini.

6. Focused Skill Development

Sandip Foundation invests heavily in focusing on students’ academic and soft skills. Students are expected to participate in sports competitions, inter-college competitions and contests. They are also expected to join student clubs, depending on their interests. Sandip Foundation organises personality and communication development programs to help students prepare for a world beyond the classroom. These activities and competitions provide students with a much needed balanced approach towards a management degree program.

7. Internship & Placement Opportunities

Sandip Foundation lays a lot of emphasis on internships and placement for all students. Compulsory internships are a part of the course curriculum and generally the final semester of MBA programs at Sandip Foundation. Sandip Foundation organises annual campus placement drives. Over 150 empanelled placement partners participate in these placement drives to recruit dynamic young professionals into their workforce. Students are trained through mock interviews and skill enhancement programs to crack corporate interviews during the placement drive.


An MBA qualification can really spruce up your resume. You could enhance your career scope with an MBA degree from Sandip Foundation, which is one of the top MBA Marketing colleges in Maharashtra. An education from Sandip Foundation goes way beyond the classroom and is the perfect blend of academic training and soft skill development. Visit www.sandipfoundation.org for more information on our MBA programs. Good luck!