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Choosing a Career in Pharmacy

7 Things to Know Before Choosing a Career in Pharmacy

Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions of a student’s life. Hence, it is important to have all the facts in place before making the final decision. If you are considering a career in pharmacy then this is the right time to do so as the COVID-19 pandemic has provided the […]

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Pharmacy Career Scope & Opportunities

How to Become a Pharmacist in India | Scope, Colleges & Opportunities

A pharmacist is a professional in the healthcare industry responsible for researching, composing, and delivering medication in the right dosage to patients. They have the skills and the training to understand the chemical composition of medicines, and the biological impact they would have on the human body. The job of a pharmacist is extremely critical, […]

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6 Benefits of Studying Pharmacy in 2021

Top 6 Benefits of Studying Pharmacy in 2021

Pharmaceutical science has seen some of the most advanced and cutting-edge changes over the last few years. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about some really dynamic changes in the pharma industry, and there is tremendous scope for pharmacists in coming decades as well. As the industry is growing, there is a growing need for well-qualified […]

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